Best Practices for Meshing Complex CAD Geometries in ANSYS Icepak

ANSYS Icepak is a powerful CAE software tool that enables engineers to model electronic system designs and performs heat transfer and fluid flow simulations on component-level, board-level, or system-level applications. Many of these applications have to deal with complex shapes and CAD geometries.

The complexity of the CAD geometry can be suitably represented in ANSYS Icepak using a combination of decomposition, de-featuring and 'CAD shape' based strategies. For CAD geometries involving the use of complex CAD shapes, a body-fitted, accurate mesh representation can be ensured in ANSYS Icepak using the powerful, unstructured Mesher HD (hex-dominant) scheme. The multi-level mesh controls available with the Mesher HD scheme, in combination with non-conformal meshing strategies, provides the ANSYS Icepak user with the flexibility to adequately refine the mesh and balance trade-offs between computational cost and solution accuracy.
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