Ask the Expert - Working with Complex Geometries in ANSYS DesignModeler Electronics for ANSYS Icepak

ANSYS Icepak is a powerful CAE software tool for modeling electronic system designs, by performing heat transfer and fluid flow simulations on component-level, board-level, or system-level applications.

ANSYS Icepak is fully data-integrated into the ANSYS Workbench environment. Within the ANSYS Workbench environment, Icepak users are able to manage the flow of data (from CAD through to postprocessing) using an innovative workflow mechanism that ties together the entire simulation process with simple drag-and-drop operations. As a result of this integration, ANSYS Icepak users can benefit from the superior MCAD connectivity offered by ANSYS DesignModeler (DM).

This webinar will provide detailed insights into the efficient use of DM electronics (DME) for simplifying and converting CAD geometry into native Icepak objects. The webinar will be combination of presentation and demo showing various simplify levels available within DME.
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