Ask the Expert - Using the Remote Solve Manager with ANSYS Mechanical

The ANSYS Workbench-based Remote Solve Manager (RSM) is a job queuing system that can be used to efficiently manage Mechanical analyses on Windows and Linux operating systems. The RSM enables solutions to be executed in the background on local workstations or on remote servers. RSM comes standard with ANSYS Workbench products. Separate licensing is not required.

Typically, ANSYS Mechanical users solve in an interactive session on their desktop computer. The RSM allows users to queue several independent analyses to be solved sequentially. For example, different projects can be queued to solve overnight. The results can then be reviewed the next day. Also, if a user has access to a more powerful compute server in their office, the RSM can be used to offload the computationally expensive solving tasks to the server, thereby freeing up resources on their local workstation. The RSM can also be used to batch solve ANSYS Mechanical APDL runs, so RSM usage is not limited to ANSYS Workbench Mechanical.
This webinar will review the RSM user interface and procedure for setting up multiple runs.
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