Ask the Expert - Implementing Submodeling in ANSYS Mechanical

This webinar will demonstrate how to implement submodeling in ANSYS Mechanical. Submodeling is commonly used in Mechanical APDL and can be implemented in ANSYS Mechanical using relatively simple APDL command objects.

Submodeling can be used to efficiently obtain refined results in local regions of FE models. ANSYS has meshing tools to locally transition from a coarse mesh to a refined mesh, but submodeling can be a more efficient technique. It will produce accurate local results without requiring complicated mesh transitions. With submodeling, an independent refined local FE mesh (submodel) is developed and a cut-boundary interface is established between the overall mesh and the submodel. The calculated cut-boundary displacements from overall mesh are interpolated as boundary conditions onto the submodel and the submodel is solved to obtain accurate local results.
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