Application Customization Toolkit Extensions Available for ANSYS Mechanical - Webinar

The ANSYS Application Customization Toolkit (ACT) is a package of tools that enable users to customize ANSYS Mechanical, ANSYS DesignModeler and ANSYS DesignXplorer. ACT provides simple programming level access to the main components of each product (e.g., GUI, mesh, geometry, boundary conditions, etc.) in a Python programming environment. For ANSYS Mechanical, ACT can create specialized interfaces that replace MAPDL command objects. It can also create tool bars to simplify other Mechanical actions. A major benefit of ACT is that after developing these easy-to-use extensions, users can share with others. ANSYS does not require an ACT license to install and use ACT extensions.

In previous webinars, we have discussed how to use ACT to create customized extensions. Through ANSYS, users can download many developed and available ACT extensions. Some examples include an extension that allows easier definition of frequency dependent damping, an extension that simplifies completing piezoelectric analysis, and an extension that creates and applies varying pressure loading caused by wind. This webinar briefly discusses many of the currently available extensions, demonstrates how to access the ACT library and how to install the extensions. Future webinars discuss some of the most popular extensions in more detail.
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