ANSYS VRXPERIENCE Sound: Enhance Your Product Design with Component and System Level Acoustics Analysis

Sound is an integral part of any product profile, with a great impact on the brand image. Isolation of component level noise sources becomes crucial as organizations look to achieve high system-level acoustics performance. From vibro-acoustics to aero-acoustics, it is crucial to ensure customer satisfaction on sound quality.

To improve sound quality during product development, it is important to listen to the sound of the system with virtual prototyping. ANSYS VRXPERIENCE Sound helps you experience your product’s sound through simulation, while reducing the time and expense of physical prototyping. Optimize the sound simulation process and give your product a new sound dimension. In this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Listen to your device based on CAE simulation
  • Switch from component to system level acoustics analysis
  • Couple CAE simulation with measurements to experiment with the full sound environment
  • Isolate noise sources to understand their influence on overall acoustics
  • Define acceptability ranges based on human perception criteria and psychoacoustics
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