ANSYS SCADE System Avionics Package: How to Design Comprehensive ICDs - Webinar

Ensuring robust system management and control of the thousands of signals that are transmitted aboard an aircraft every second is one of the most complex and critical jobs of today’s avionics engineers. With so many systems and signals, how can engineers manage them all with 100 percent reliability and confidence? Creating a well-integrated systems architecture, and expressing that architecture in Interface Control Documents (ICDs), is an incredibly challenging, time-consuming exercise.

Learn how the new ANSYS SCADE System Avionics Package can help you to streamline your avionics systems architecture process with the creation of ICDs. Discover how ANSYS solutions can assist you in understanding and meeting the requirements of many standard protocols, including ARINC 653, ARINC 429, CAN and ARINC 664, to ensure the integrity of all your safety-critical avionics systems.
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