ANSYS Convergence Webinar Series: Revolutionising our Design Process Using ANSYS Structural Mechanics - Webinar

Employing simulation in your product development process can quickly lead to major improvements in product design. By switching from a CAD-based solver to ANSYS FEA solutions in June 2014, within a year Gilkes Pumping Systems in Kendal, United Kingdom, had developed standard practices, along with verification and validation processes, based on ANSYS simulations. So far they have used structural simulations to develop static, transient, modal, and harmonic response analyses of new designs, and they are looking to introduce simulations into other areas of product development.

Learn how Gilkes doubled the G-load safety factor of its pumps, thereby enhancing the quality and improving customer satisfaction. Discover how they achieved less than one percent error in verified calculations of harmonic acceleration, simple torsion and internal pressure after only a short training period using ANSYS solutions.
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