ANSYS Convergence Webinar Series 2013: Business of Simulation

Our keynote speakers offer an overview of the changing landscape of simulation solutions, analysis-led design initiatives, challenges in managing a global function to endure meeting customer needs, and the role of simulation in medical device development.

Engineering the Impossible
Swaminathan Subbiah, Ph.D., ANSYS, Inc.
Just a few years ago, the notion of a pilot-less airplane or driver-less automobile was as unthinkable as a private company building a commercially viable space transportation business. Thanks to the power of simulation, these breakthroughs — and others — are commonplace. This presentation explores this sea change being led by visionary companies, upcoming updates to ANSYS solutions across the spectrum of physics and a sneak peek into the next generation of simulation solutions.

People Impacting Design Globally – Analysis Led Design at Cummins
Bob Tickel, Cummins Inc.
This keynote presents various mechanisms and initiatives at Cummins to promote the use of computational analyses — what Cummins refers to as Analysis Led Design. The presentation highlights those mechanisms and initiatives as well as the challenges in managing a global function to ensure skills, tools, processes, etc. are appropriate to meet and exceed customers' needs.

The Role of Numerical Simulation in Medical Device NPD: Past, Present and Future
Jorge Ochoa, Exponent, Inc.
This presentation highlights the expansion from single physics to multiphysics and multiscale analyses, future simulation challenges, and the role of regulation in medical device new product development.
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