Advances in Joule Heating Analysis of a PCB Using Two-way SIwave-ANSYS Icepak Connectivity - Webinar

PCB design involves three broad areas of product reliability: electrical, thermal and mechanical. Interactive multiple physics simulations are required for optimal design. A DC IR drop simulation in ANSYS SIwave generates power dissipation data for the copper layers, which can be transferred to ANSYS Icepak for thermal simulation. Iteration between the two solvers yields a converged power dissipation map and temperature profile, which can be used to evaluate structural and thermal stresses in ANSYS Mechanical.

This webinar will focus on the electrical and thermal aspects of this analysis. Join us to learn about the advances in ANSYS multiphysics capabilities that completely automate the co-simulation between ANSYS SIwave and ANSYS Icepak for PCB design optimization. Discover how automation of this process can decrease your design time and get your products to market faster.
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