Advanced Wireless Communications

The Internet of Things — also known as the Industrial Internet and Industry 4.0 — is the network of wireless systems that is rapidly connecting all our electronic devices through the internet. Wireless communication between devices requires a variety of antennas that must work together without interference, even when in close proximity to each other. To be successful, design engineers need to quickly converge on the right system design for a particular set of devices, and validate their performance in real-world operating conditions. The system architecture, including antenna design, is just as important as the signal processing algorithm in this scenario. Learn how a communications systems engineering platform based on ANSYS Electronic Desktop with ANSYS HFSS can help you solve your toughest wireless challenges, whether you are designing LTE, 5G, or 802.11xx devices. With a 60 GHz WiGig (802.11ad) MIMO system as an example, we will demonstrate how you can quickly go from initial concept to working high-fidelity models.
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