Advanced Solution for Electrical Machine Design

Electric machines are being used in more and novel applications through the world driven by the need for greater power efficiency in the transportation, aerospace and defense and industrial automation markets. The automotive sector focus is driven by the need for Hybrid and Electric vehicle technology to meet ever stringent miles-per-gallon standards. The aerospace and defense is focused replacing existing power transfer technologies in an aircraft such as the central hydraulic system, with fault-tolerant electric power, where major subsystems such as engine starting, primary flight control actuation, pumps and braking would be controlled and driven electronically.

Several calculation techniques are available to predict electric machine performance, including classical closed form analytical analysis, lumped parameter models based on the determination of detailed parameters from finite element analysis, and nonlinear time-domain finite element analysis.

Success in using any simulation software is the usability of the software. Ease of use plays a significant role in speeding time to market because software that is difficult to use or requires in-depth knowledge of numerical simulation techniques will quickly be discarded by engineers. Being quick to market requires simulation software that is accurate and is suitable for use throughout an organization at different stages of the design process by engineers with various levels of knowledge in numerical simulation.

The ANSYS electric machine design solution is unique in the market:
• Employs the most efficient numerical techniques
• Provides highly accurate, comprehensive multiphysics simulation design of an electric machine
• Includes distributed parametric analysis and HPC for robust design
• Enables power electronics and embedded control software to be simulated with a detailed finite element model
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