Advanced Physics-Based Analysis for Aerodynamics Applications

Simulation has been demonstrated to be a powerful tool for the modeling of complex fluid system behavior. Moving beyond single point analysis involves the introduction of new advanced approaches such as adjoint methods. Sensitivity analysis tools based on adjoint methods can be the foundation for a new view into the physics of the system and its behavior that allows not only optimization to be performed, but also the robustness of the design to be understood and managed. In this presentation the basic ideas behind adjoint methods will be described and an overview given of the implementation of the ANSYS Fluent adjoint solver. An explanation of the role of these methods in robust design and optimization will be presented. A discussion on related technologies such as mesh morphing will also be given. A number of examples will be shown to illustrate the workflow and the enabling effect that this extended set of tools can have on the engineering design process. Some of the challenges that remain will also be highlighted.
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