Advanced CAD-EDA for High-Performance RF and High-Speed Connectors Design - Webinar

Connectors for broadband (i.e., millimeter-wave or 40/100 Gbps) and/or miniaturized, high-density applications must offer excellent electrical performance, such as low insertion/return loss, and mechanical reliability in order to meet the stringent requirements set by system integrators. To achieve superior electrical, thermal and mechanical performance, connector designs have become increasingly complex, creating new challenges for the responsible electrical and mechanical design teams.

This webinar examines new capabilities that allow connector designers to work with CAD models more readily using ANSYS SpaceClaim's 3-D Direct Modeling. 3-D Direct modeling allows engineers using ANSYS HFSS for EM analysis to work in a 3-D design interface without having to be a CAD expert. Join us for this webinar and learn how to:
  • Edit geometry, including large assemblies, fast — without being a CAD expert
  • Create new concepts and reuse CAD data, including large assemblies, an order of magnitude faster than before
  • Prepare CAD models, even complex parts and assemblies, for simulation
  • Repair dirty geometry with a push of a button, ensuring that downstream processes run smoothly
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