Addressing Engineering Challenges in Antenna Integration into Complex Structures - Webinar

The radiation characteristics of antennas and phased array systems are strongly altered when they operate in a complex environment. For antennas mounted on large platforms such as satellites, planes or vehicles, the radiation characteristics are influenced by complex elements close to the antenna, as well as by the platform itself. For these reasons, antennas mounted on complex structures must be analyzed in their complete integration environment.

During this webinar, we will present comprehensive ANSYS HFSS applications to demonstrate how a multi-domain, multiphysics methodology predicts airborne antenna radiation and the diffraction of large targets.

Special consideration will be made to introduce comprehensive multi-physics and complete system modeling in the study of real-life behavior for an antenna integrated into a complex structure, thereby ensuring large gains in accuracy and reduced computing time in the parametric study phase on large objects. This presentation will discuss how multiple domains in ANSYS HFSS solver technology address large variations in electrical size and scale, and geometric complexity. A real-world example based on a helicopter mounted antenna will demonstrate the challenges of addressing a mutual electromagnetics/fluid flow problem.
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