10x Faster Transient Electromagnetic Field Simulation - Webinar

The patent-pending Time Decomposition Method for ANSYS Maxwell, now available in ANSYS 17.0, delivers a minimum 10x speed and 10x capacity improvement for transient electromagnetic field simulations. A new algorithm from ANSYS that allows engineers to solve time steps simultaneously as opposed to sequentially, together with an advanced symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) computer from SGI, combine to produce these unprecedented simulation enhancements.

View this joint ANSYS–SGI webinar to learn how SGI’s UV 3000 advanced SMP computer system eliminates the risk of simulation failure and lost time due to insufficient computing memory. Discover how ANSYS Maxwell’s Time Decomposition Method leverages SGI’s Hybrid High-Performance Computing (HPC) architecture by distributing time steps to multiple nodes where multiple cores are engaged to provide a second layer of computational speed.
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