10 Compelling Reasons to Upgrade to ANSYS 17.0 for Healthcare Applications - Webinar

In silico medicine enables doctors to customize a treatment based on simulations run on models of the patient’s own anatomical geometry, which can be obtained from various scanning methods. Such patient-specific treatments understandably achieve better clinical results. ANSYS 17.0, with hundreds of enhancements across all physics, could be a significant catalyst in the discovery of many more devices and applications in this expanding medical sector. Attend this webinar to learn how advances in ANSYS 17.0 could boost medical innovation by a factor of ten (10x) by accelerating computation time, increasing adoption of simulation by non-expert users, and multiplying the reliability and safety of new medical devices. Discover 10 reasons why enhancements to ANSYS fluid, mechanical, electronic and systems simulation software can benefit all healthcare sectors — cardiovascular, orthopedic, pharmaceutical, hospital and medical supplies, diagnosis — through increased use of in silico medicine.
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