Simulation Accelerates Vehicle Autonomy Presentation

While autonomous vehicles (AVs) can improve driver safety and reduce traffic congestion, developing these new vehicle platforms remains rife with challenges. These cars must be physically road tested across billions of miles and accurately respond to millions of diverse scenarios which consumes tremendous development time and cost.

Watch this video — recorded at the Big Compute 20 conference in San Francisco — to learn from Walt Hearn, regional vice president at Ansys and Nidhi Chappell, head of product, Azure HPC-AI at Microsoft on how advanced simulation tools help automotive companies overcome that substantial testing barrier.

Learn how AV designers use Ansys software to cost-effectively and rapidly test countless scenarios virtually, substantially accelerating development and significantly reducing the need for physical road testing. Furthermore, you will understand how model-based development tools help create software that is more robust, less error-prone and safer on the road. Lastly, you will discover how these tools can cut development time in half and shave 40% off the costs of code validation and verification.


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