Scade Product Usage for Prototyping the Cockpit Display System (Cds) of Civilian Aircrafts - Presentation

Gosniias chose SCADE to build prototypes of cockpit display systems in order to test the flight crew operation manual and evaluate the crew members’ interactions with the system in case of failures, malfunctions and critical situations in all flight phases. There were approximately 40 models developed, including aircraft systems (hydraulics, fuel, etc.), engine, APU, aerodynamics, FBW, autopilot, radio navigation, etc. SCADE Suite was the main tool for control logic for CDS (CMS, FMS, HMIs of FMS and CAS). SCADE Display was a main tool for CDS graphical applications. Gosniias discovered that SCADE Suite & SCADE Display co-simulation is a very efficient way for developing embedded SW, SCADE Solutions for ARINC 661 tools allowed them prototype graphical formats of CDS according to ARINC 661 standard and the ability to customize the server is very efficient for prototyping activities.

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