RedHawk-3DX for Full Chip 3DIC Design Sign-off

From Dimensions of Electronic Design Seminar, 2012: Low-power ICs are becoming increasingly complex, often surpassing Moore's Law to maintain expanded functionality and performance needs. To achieve higher integration and bandwidth, designers are turning to stacked-die or 3D-IC structures. These designs leverage ultra-low sub-1V supply voltage levels; they also use on-chip voltage regulators (LDO) to meet power budget and performance goals. This presentation focuses on Apache's latest generation of the RedHawk platform — RedHawk-3DX — with direct support for multi-die simulation, including a new multi-pane, multi-canvas graphical user interface, hierarchical dynamic simulation capabilities, new logic and activity propagation engines, and the ability to model and simulate LDOs. RedHawk-3DX will help enable the next generation of 3GHz+ ICs designed using billions of gates in complex 3-D/2.5-D architectures.
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