Advanced Signal Integrity with a Chip-Package-System Methodology

From Dimensions of Electronic Design Seminar, 2012: Signal and Power Integrity and EMI/ESD are challenging areas in electronics design and can be the most limiting factor in successful product launches. With exceptionally short design cycle life times for today’s modern electronics, system simulation driven product development has become more important than ever. With the release ANSYS R14.5 there is a new set of advanced rigorous simulation techniques implemented for simulating SI/PI and ESD/EMI design challenges. In this presentation we will present a detailed overview of ANSYS SIwave 7 with a chip-package-system (CPS) flow. It will also include an overview of the new user interface for ANSYS AnsoftLinks, for automated 3D simulation using ANSYS HFSS, and newly integrated prism-based Apache PSI full-wave solver. New capabilities and improvements in ANSYS DesignerSI 8 and HFSS 15.0 for signal and power integrity and EMI/ESD will also be shown.
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