Synchronous Generator Subtransient Reactance Prediction Using Transient Circuit Coupled Electromagnetic Analyses & Odd Periodic Symmetry

For synchronous 3 phase electrical generator machine design, the ability to predict the subtransient reactance of a particular machine design is of prime importance. The subtransient reactance has a significant impact on the magnitude of the fault currents generated within the machine during an event such as a 3 phase short-circuit. Power system designers routinely use the generator subtransient reactance as a key parameter to aid in the design of the complete power generation system. For new generator designs the subtransient reactance is routinely tested for as part of a thorough evaluation of the generator performance characteristics. In this paper, a method is presented to calculate the subtransient reactance of a particular generator design using transient circuit coupled finite element electromagnetic analyses. The finite element modeling technique presented utilizes odd periodic symmetry along with a ‘moving’ interface at the rotorstator air-gap. The use of odd periodic symmetry allows for the simulations to be accomplished with half of the model size as compared to even periodic symmetry. The calculated generator subtransient reactance from the finite element modeling technique presented is compared to generator test data as well as previous calculation methods. Other key pieces of information which may be generated throughout the process are also documented, such as calculated voltage harmonics and the open-circuit saturation curve.
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