Some Aspects for the Simulation of a Non-linear Problem with Plasticity and Contact

A linear elastic model is often not appropriate for numerical simulations of conformed mechanical components. Such processes have large permanent deformations, and require material models that account for the relationship between stress and strain, along with the influence of temperature and strain rate. Important parameters are mesh quality, solver type, contact behavior, boundary conditions and the material model. Also, when the properties are unknown and the data available in the literature is inadequate, lab tests are indispensable. The easiest and most common test is the tension test. It provides information, such as stress-strain curve, Young modulus, yield and ultimate stress. This work proposes to analyze numerical results using MISO and BISO models, with experimental data from a tension test. This problem involves compressing a cylinder against two flat surfaces. It is validated with actual tests, where the load versus axial and radial displacement are measured during load application and elastic return. The importance of the contact method, element type and size are evaluated with respect to final deformation and CPU time.
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