Interface for the Modeling and Simulation of a Airfoil of Turbine of Wind

This paper shows software that makes the aerodynamic design of blades of a wind turbine. This software acts like interface using a program of simulation by finite element (ANSYS), which makes the aerodynamic airfoil analysis, applying the conditions of border and displaying the results in a stage of the post processing of the simulator. The interface also models the wind turbine blade, in order to make a 3D analysis to simulate the behaviour of the blade, to obtain: fluid-structural analysis, modal simulation and fluids analysis. The software considerably reduces the time destined to the aerodynamic design, modelled and airfoil analysis of blades. In addition it offers the opportunity to choose among a series of airfoils profiles that are commonly used in the design of blades of wind turbines. The obtained results were validated using numerical analysis; which showed satisfactory results. Software besides to be designed of tutorial form has a structure opened for future analysis of the structural type or fluids.
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