Flange-Designer: A New Flange Design Methodology Based on Finite Element Analysis

The usual union between different modules or assemblies in an engine is the bolted joint or cylindrical flange. The effect on component integrity is important and evident. The flange is a load and torque path, a stress concentration area, and sensitive to the moment in the joint. Normally the analysis is reported in several procedures based upon the beam theory. These criteria have been validated with experience, but usually they are conservative. The finite element analysis brings higher precision, but it brings extra work too, work that has not been done yet because it is complex and requires computer power. Contact, plasticity, non-linear loads superposition, and non-linear cyclic symmetry must be considered to achieve a detailed flange finite element analysis. The ITP Mechanical Technology Group has developed the Flange-Designer, a parametric tool for flange design, based on finite element technology. Flange-Designer is an application to generate the finite element models needed to design a new flange.
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