Finite Element Structural Mechanics of the Energy-Saving Planetary-Motion Mixer UM-500

In the present paper results of mechanical analysis of energy-saving high-speed planetary-motion mixer UM-500 are presented. The mixer is a system of two milling chambers partly filled with substance to be milled. Milling chambers are in compound motion: rotation about vertical central axis and self-rotation about moving sloping axes. To perform analysis finite element model is created based on CAD model imported to ANSYS. Finite element model considers nearly all features of the real construction. To simulate correctly the loading of the construction macros was developed in APDL that enables to apply arbitrary body forces to 20-node finite element SOLID95 including centrifugal and Coriolis inertia loads. In the issue of quasi-static analysis stress fields are calculated in all elements of the construction in the operating regime; stress concentration zones are located; safety factor is calculated and analysis of Coriolis forces effect on the construction stressed state is carried out. Spectrum of natural frequencies and mode shapes corresponding to casing vibrations as well as rigid-body-like motion is obtained. By means of ANSYS/LS-DYNA detailed analysis of dynamic non-linear process of mixer takeoff out of casing in the result of emergency situation is performed with use of elasto-plastic material model with strain-based failure criterion.
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