Finite Element Static, Vibration and Impact-Contact Analysis of Micro mechanical Systems

In the present job multivariant finite element (FE) dynamical and structural analysis of sensitive micromechanical gyroscopes (MMG) and micromechanical accelerometers (MMA) was carried out. Natural frequencies and mode shapes, forced oscillations and analysis of transient processes in MMG were analyzed; amplitude-frequency characteristics and dependence of MMG oscillations amplitude on measured angular velocity (relative to "output" axis) were determined. The effect of stressed state on natural frequencies and influence of technological and temperature factors on the sensors accuracy were analysed. Multivariant analysis of MMG and MMA under shock and vibrational loading was carried out. Redesign of 3D sensitive elements geometry was done to improve sensors characteristics. Computation of dynamical stresses was done with consideration of geometrical non-linearity and contact interaction of silicon plate with glass substrate.
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