The Finite Element Analysis of a New Reduced Power Consuming Force Transducer

The paper presents the FEA study for a new force transducer. This new transducer is designed to reduce the power demand of a magneto elastic laminated core transducer, based on a combination of electromagnetic active and passive sheets. This paper covers the structural study of an assembly of a pair – active and passive sheet – for different analysis hypothesis. Initially, a single active transducer sheet is studied. Then an assembly of an active and passive sheet is studied. The mounting of the two sheets is modeled in a first stage as a common interface, then contact with friction is considered between the two sheets and in the final stage the thin layer of adhesive is modeled also. An APDL macro was created in order to apply the appropriate material properties / real constants for the adhesive as well as to calculate the relative displacements between the two sheets. The simulation results were compared with the test data on actual transducers.
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