Calculation and Comparison of Fracture Parameter of 3-D Thin-walled Structure in ANSYS

Due to the complication of stress distribution around the crack tips, it is hard to obtain the fracture parameters (Stress intensity factor, J-integral factor) in a 3-dimention complex model. In order to get the accurate result of SIF of 3-D thin-walled structure, this paper describes a calculation procedure of 3- dimention thin-walled models. It uses ANSYS to create model with singular elements around the crack tips and obtain SIF accurately. An example model of one part of barrel with crack is calculated. Through results comparison with that of theoretical formula and results of ABAQUS, it shows that the SIF calculation of ANSYS is accurate. To make the calculation procedure high efficient, this paper made a program for the barrel model using APDL to automate the model creation and analysis procedure, another program is also made to transfer model including boundary conditions from ANSYS to ABAQUS automatically.
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