BladePro-CF: An ANSYS-Based Impeller Wheel Analysis System

This paper presents the architecture and capabilities of BladePro-CF, an ANSYS based analysis system developed to assist engineers in the structural assessment of radial and mixed-flow impellers. The automated tasks include: finite element model generation, boundary condition application, file handling and job submission and queuing of analysis jobs, and impeller-specific post-processing tools. The F.E. model generation features both open and closed (shrouded) impellers, multiple splitter blades, hub geometries with arbitrary back-plane profiles, variable fillet radii at both hub and shroud surfaces, user controllable mesh densities, and definition of blade surfaces using multiple streamlines. Also, both single sector and full wheel models can be generated. The analysis capabilities include steady and vibratory stress calculation, frequency and mode shape calculation, and low- and high-cycle fatigue life predictions. BladePro-CF includes impeller-specific post-processing capabilities such as intuitive stress and displacement viewing, animated mode shape plotting, auto-generated interference and Campbell diagrams. This paper uses a realworld application to demonstrate these capabilities. BladePro-CF can be primarily used as an analytical tool for facilitating the design of structurally sound wheels, a diagnostic tool for doing Root Cause Analysis (RCA) to explain why a blade, or wheel, has failed, and a redesign tool to confirm the improvement of an existing design.
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