3-D SQCE Model and its Application in Fracture Mechanics

In this paper, the 3-D SQCE crack element model was developed. A number of 3-D crack example problems were solved and compared with analytical and published numerical solutions. The results showed that the SQCE model provides a consistent and accurate solution technique to calculate stress intensity factor (SIF) and solve SIF controlled fatigue problems. Compared to most of the singular element models, the three-dimensional SQCE model gives a generalized methodology to combine local analytical solution with finite element interpolation functions to create specific elements and is relatively simple in programming. This formulation procedure can be used to compute stress intensity factors of 2-D and 3-D crack problems, stress concentration problems as well as other engineering problems with singularity or high gradient of field variables. For crack problems, only the local solutions of Mode I, II and III are needed to obtain SIFs of 3-D cracks with any shape.
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