3-D Crack Propagation Modeling and Analysis

• Turbine Housing
– Also called turbine scroll contains the radial turbine wheel and directs gas into it.
– Mostly made of cast iron alloys for turbocharger applications.
– During operation these components experience severe thermo mechanical (TM) load.
– Severe TM loading can lead to cracks initiating and propagating with accumulation of cycles.
– Presence of a crack is not necessarily a failure unless it leads to loss of functionality (gas leakage, wheel rub etc) or is externally visible.
– Knowledge of how cracks grow (path) and how fast they grow (growth rate) is important.
– Methods/tools that can help predict path and growth rate of cracks:
• Help design products quantitatively as opposed to a ‘better than’ approach.
• Increase confidence during testing phase.
• Lead to more reliable products.
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