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Meshing is an integral part of the computer-aided engineering (CAE) simulation process. The mesh influences the accuracy, convergence and speed of the solution. Furthermore, the time it takes to create a mesh model is often a significant portion of the time it takes to get results from a CAE solution. Therefore, the better and more automated the meshing tools, the better the solution. From easy, automatic meshing to a highly crafted mesh, ANSYS provides the ultimate solution. Powerful automation capabilities ease the initial meshing of a new geometry by keying off physics preferences and using smart defaults so that a mesh can be obtained upon first try. Additionally, users are able to update immediately to a parameter change, making the handoff from CAD to CAE seamless and aiding in up-front design. Once the best design is found, meshing technologies from ANSYS provide the flexibility to produce meshes that range in complexity from pure hex meshes to highly detailed hybrid meshes; users can put the right mesh in the right place and ensure that a simulation will accurately validate the physical model. ANSYS has a range of meshing tools that cater to nearly all physics. While the meshing technologies were developed to meet specific needs in the areas of solid, fluid, electromagnetic, shell, 2-D and beam models, access to these technologies is available across all physics.


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