CFD for Injection Molding - ANSYS Advantage - V13 I2 - Article

Plastic parts designers need to ensure that injection molded parts are fully formed and contain no visual defects. Specialized injection molding tools have been used to meet these goals for a very long time and have continued to mature. However, these tools require their own licensing, user training and support. In almost all cases, when specialized tools are optimized for injection molding, they become very limited for use in other engineering applications. Schneider Electric engineers have validated the use of ANSYS general-purpose computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software, which is already extensively used at Schneider Electric, for mold-filling simulation. They have also shown that ANSYS CFD can interface with a wide range of other simulation tools.When lightning strikes an automobile, the metal frame provides the path of least impedance to the ground, protecting the vehicle’s occupants from injury. But as lightning flows over the frame or through the vehicle's electrical systems, it can damage sensitive components or even melt solder joints. The amount of electronics in vehicles is on the rise, so protection from lightning is becoming more important than ever. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, with support from ESSS, the ANSYS channel partner in South America, uses ANSYS electromagnetic field simulation software to model lightning strikes and predict their impact on vehicle electronics so that future vehicles can be designed to be more resistant to damage.


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