Additive Prep

ANSYS Additive Prep

ANSYS Additive Prep is built into ANSYS SpaceClaim and tightly integrated into the additive workflow. Users can easily investigate different build orientations with respect to support requirements, build time and predicted distortion tendency.

Heat Map 

Quickly generated heat maps offer instant feedback to guide part orientation.

It optimizes part orientation, auto-detects support regions and individually configures regions to create different support types. In seconds, Additive Prep can generate a complex set of support geometries. The created set can be exported for simulation to identify failure modes and determine the expected distortions and stresses, without utilizing machine time and print materials.

Additive Prep Support 

Support geometries generated by ANSYS Additive Prep

Additive Prep capabilities:

  • Creates build volume
  • Orients part
  • Creates support regions
  • Generates supports
  • Exports geometry for simulation

Additive Prep is included in ANSYS Additive Suite and ANSYS Additive Print and is also available as an add-on to SpaceClaim.