Flow-Induced Vibration

Flow-induced vibration can cause catastrophic failure of a structure if its natural frequencies "lock in" with the shedding frequencies of the flow. Short of catastrophic failure, flow-induced vibration can reduce equipment performance and lead to failure through fatigue. Engineers must understand the sources of this vibration, along with related amplitudes and frequencies, to produce designs that can withstand them.

ANSYS multiphysics solutions can help by simulating the flow-induced vibration of objects ranging from small sensors in cross flow in a pipe to large turbine blades. The example described here deals with fatigue analysis of a cone-flow meter subjected to fluid forces. ANSYS solutions are used to perform a coupled calculation of fluid dynamics and structural mechanics to account for vortex shedding and the corresponding mechanical response of the cone-flow meter. The integrated multiphysics workflow enables calculation of time-dependent forces acting on the cone, as well as the frequency and amplitude of the resulting flow excitation. The structural response to the flow excitation and the resulting fatigue calculations can be used to understand the loading cycle and design a more reliable flow meter. Watch the video to learn about flow-induced vibration and how ANSYS multiphysics solutions were applied to the design of a cone-flow meter.