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Case Study

Providing Multidisciplinary Training at Florida International University with an Ansys Academic Multiphysics Campus-Wide Solution


We have many engineering departments covering various disciplines (mechanical, electrical, biomedical, etc.) at FIU. Providing the right access to the simulation tools needed for all those departments can be logistically challenging. Also, in both teaching and research, we are solving Multiphysics problems. When I go into class, I want the ability to show the students the constraints from all aspects, whether that be electromagnetics, mechanical, thermal, etc. Without software covering all physics, we cannot effectively provide students with multidisciplinary training and properly prepare them for the challenges they will meet in the world.


Engineering Solution

At FIU, we have an Ansys Campus-Wide license that provides us with the majority of Ansys’ top tools in a single package. With this license, we have the flexibility of providing simulation tools to all relevant departments across the university so they don’t have to manage their own individual licenses or go through the hassle of locating the license they need in another department. This removes logistics challenges and allows us to focus on usage.



Having a centralized license has made it simpler for both educators and students to access Ansys tools by elimintating the inconvienence of managing licenses across various departments and labs. Multidisciplinary training also has been easier to implement with this license. For example, a project between electrical and mechanical engineering students in designing a foldable antenna using various Ansys software solutions was possible with the Multiphysics Campus-Wide bundle since it includes software covering all physics. Providing students with this type of multidisciplinary training using industry tools will greatly benefit them when searching for a future career.


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