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HPC Licensing

Understand how scalable high-performance computing (HPC) licensing enables you to perform more high-fidelity simulations in less time on today’s multicore computers .


HPC Licensing

With the Ansys HPC software suite, you can use today’s multicore computers to perform more simulations in less time. These simulations can be bigger, more complex and more accurate than ever using high-performance computing (HPC). The various Ansys HPC licensing options let you scale to whatever computational level of simulation you require, from single-user or small user group options for entry-level parallel processing up to virtually unlimited parallel capacity.

For large user groups, Ansys facilitates highly scalable, multiple parallel processing simulations for the most challenging projects when needed. Apart from parallel computing, Ansys also offers solutions for parametric computing, which enables you to more fully explore the design parameters (size, weight, shape, materials, mechanical properties, etc.) of your product early in the development process.

Ansys HPC licensing


License Capabilities

You can use HPC licenses to run a single analysis across multiple processors (cores) and work with most Ansys applications. These licenses are particularly suited for entry-level parallel processing because they provide you with the ability to start small and license only parallel processes needed. You can add multiple CPUs (and GPUs) at a small incremental cost. You can enable GPU acceleration when using HPC licenses with Ansys applications, including Mechanical, Fluent, HFFS Transient, and Polyflow. Other applications are limited to CPU cores only.

HPC Pack licenses can be combined to run a single analysis across a relatively high number of processors (cores) to offer highly scaled parallel processing for your most computationally demanding projects. Alternatively, they can also be separately used to run multiple analyses across multiple processors. Instead of using your solver licenses, HPC Pack licenses can also be used for conducting concurrent simulations of parametric variations (supported by Workbench Design Points, Electronics Desktop, and CFX operating maps). Because HPC Packs are designed to provide virtually unlimited HPC, certain licensing combinations are not possible. For example, individual HPC Pack Licenses cannot be split between multiple users or between multiple analyses. Except for the 4 free, built-in HPC increments per solver license, you cannot combine HPC Pack Licenses with any other type of HPC licenses in the same analysis.

When HPC is used for capacity — the ability to run multiple multi-core jobs — the return on investment (ROI), accordingly, increases in a linear fashion with the cores. HPC Workgroup solutions provide volume access to parallel processing for increased simulation throughput for multiple jobs and/or multiple users. They reward the volume buyer with scaled pricing and improved productivity within a single co-located workgroup. Instead of using your solver licenses, HPC Workgroup licenses can also be used for conducting concurrent simulations of parametric variations (supported by Workbench Design Points, Electronics Desktop, and CFX operating maps). 


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Applied Research Associates (ARA) reduced IT support costs and increased solver speeds by 20% with a managed high-performance computing appliance from TotalCAE

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