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Physics-Based Sensor Simulation for In-Cabin Sensing Systems Development

Learn how your organization could further reduce its development cycle with Ansys physics-based sensor simulation technology and workflow for in-cabin monitoring development.

May 11, 2022
9 AM EDT / 2 PM BST / 6:30 PM IST


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About this Webinar

In-cabin sensing system requirements are increasingly becoming an essential part of governments policies and car safety rating organizations. 

The Ansys simulation toolset can help manufacturers and suppliers provide the dossier required by organizations like EuroNCAP thanks to: 

  1. Creation of safe and efficient data through first-class animation and sensor simulation technology, based on motion capture techniques, measured optical and dielectric material properties
  2. Simulated sensor data accelerates perception algorithms training and validation
  3. Unlimited in-cabin scenarios carried out in complete safety with digital models and automatic permutation of driver assets and objects 
  4. Optimized sensor positioning caters for variation of global human morphology 

What you will learn

  • Learn in-cabin sensing systems requirements and examples
  • Watch physics-based sensor simulation for in-cabin monitoring systems development and validation process
  • Discover in-cabin monitoring systems simulation case studies

Who should attend

In-Cabin Monitoring Systems Engineers, Engineering Managers, Software Managers Cabin Monitoring


Kmeid Saad
Bruno Fairy