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PCB Reliability: A Key Design Consideration

Join us for this webinar, where we will demonstrate how Ansys Electronics Reliability solution Sherlock is used in the design process to ensure these problems are addressed upfront, before the prototype, and when it is cost-effective to make changes.


Decemeber 6, 2022

2PM GMT / 9 AM EST / 7:30PM IST 




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About this webinar

Electronics reliability is often overlooked or left until late in the design process and generally ascertained through physical or accelerated life testing. If the design passes, has it been over-engineered, and could costs have been reduced? If it fails, there is the re-design cost, repeat test cost, lost time to market, and other impacts. And what if the testing needs to go further and there are failures in the field?

What you will learn

  • Learn how to use Ansys Electronics Reliability solution Sherlock in the design process
  • Learn how to ensure problems are addressed upfront, before the prototype. 
  • Learn when it is cost effective to make changes

Who should attend

Engineering managers, product managers, design engineers, reliability engineers, QA engineers, CTOs looking at ensuring their designs are built with reliability in mind, shifting left that reliability design cost, to make sure they have no failures in test and ensure the lifetime requirements are achieved.


  • Andrew Farebrother, Senior Product Sales Manager, Ansys
  • Sebastian Hoetzel, Senior Application Engineer, Ansys
  • Daniel Farley, Senior Application Engineer, Ansys