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Material Intelligence for Sustainable Automotive Design Part 1:

Material Intelligence for Sustainable Automotive Design and Engineering

Implementing a strategy for sustainable automotive design starts early in the design phase.  It is estimated 80% of all product-related environmental impacts are decided at concept phase. Therefore, automotive suppliers and OEMs should utilize technology solutions to increase visibility, transparency and traceability when selecting and sourcing more sustainable materials. Selecting the right material has financial, logistical and sustainability impacts throughout the vehicle; ranging from its CO2 footprint across various stages of lifecycle, to lightweighting components for minimizing in-use energy consumption. 

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About this Webinar:

In this webinar, learn how to make early, informed and sustainable vehicle design decisions with a comprehensive Material Intelligence solution that integrates into your existing CAD, CAE and PLM engineering tools all the way into your supply base. What people will take away:

  • Materials and their properties having an impact on sustainable automotive design
  • Selection methodologies to trade-off performance, cost, sustainability for automotive applications
  • Assessing the CO2 footprint of a material across the lifecycle at early design
  • Examples, challenges and benefits of an Authoritative Source of Materials Truth for automotive


Scott Wilkins, Austin Flanary, Roger Barnett