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LS-DYNA Conference & Users Meeting

Discover the latest advances in developments around LS-DYNA, LS-OPT, LS-TaSC, and LS-PrePost.

Join us at a plenary session to hear from members of the Development Team and staff experts, followed by technical sessions where SMEs share knowledge and techniques to help drive inspiration and innovation. Lastly, we meet with customers for a fireside chat where they discuss the latest trends, technologies, challenges, and opportunities in their industry.


The Henry Ford Museum
20900 Oakwood Boulevard
Dearborn, MI 48124

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Date: October 26, 2022

RSVP by October 15th, 2022

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  • 8:00 am - 9:00 am: Conference Check-in and Breakfast
  • 9:00 am - 9:15 am: Opening RemarksAl Hancq
  • 9:15 am - 10:00 am: Plenary Presentation (Development Presentation)Madhu Keshavamurthy
  • 10:00 am - 10:30 am: Demo Pods/Break
  • 10:30 am - 11:30 pm: Conference Seminars (30 mins each)
    • LS-DYNA R14 Highlights – Jason Wang
    • Recent Developments in Iso-geometricAnalysis – Dave Benson
  • 11:30 pm -12:00 pm: Demo Pods
  • 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm: Networking Lunch
  • 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm: Conference Seminars
    • Ansys Forming – Volker Steininger
    • High-Performance Computing (HPC) Capabilities – Jason Wang
    • Modeling Battery Abuse in LS-DYNA – Pierre L’Eplattenier
  • 2:30 pm - 2:45 pm: Break
  • 2:45 pm – 3:45 pm: Conference Seminars
    • Overview of Incompressible SPH capabilities in LS-DYNA – Satish Pathy
    • New features for Implicit Analysis and Material Models – Thomas Borrvall
  • 3:45 pm - 5:00 pm: Cocktail Hour/Demo Pods



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  • Session 1: Ansys Forming - A dedicated GUI for sheet metal forming simulation powered by LS-Dyna

    • This presentation will demonstrate the current features of Ansys Forming, and the new LS-DYNA solver enhancements for sheet metal forming. Furthermore, we will discuss the future roadmap for Ansys Forming and introduce the team behind the development of Ansys’s new sheet metal forming solution.
    • Presenter: Dr. Volker Steininger
  • Session 2: Recent Developments in Isogeometric Analysis

    • Recent developments on moving isogeometric analysis (IGA) into a production environment. This presentation includes new keywords and our research into IGA mesh generation. 
    • Presenter: Dave Benson
  • Session 3: What High-Performance Computing (HPC) Capabilities

    • In this presentation, we will give an overview of the new features of improving runtime, detecting bottlenecks, and troubleshooting clusters. Ansys and Cloud providers share the performance of the latest CPUs, compilers, and MATH libraries, validation, scaling study, and tuning on cloud computing.
    • Presenter: Jason Wang
  • Session 4: Modeling Battery Abuse in LS-DYNA

    • Safety is essential in developing large-format, energy-dense, lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries used in electrified vehicles. Computer-aided engineering (CAE) tools that predict the response of a Li-ion battery pack to various abusive conditions can support analysis during the design phase and reduce the need for physical testing. In particular, simulations of the multi-physics response of external or internal short circuits can lead to optimized system designs for automotive crash scenarios. We will present the battery abuse modeling capabilities of LS-DYNA.
    • Presenter: Pierre L'Eplattenier
  • Session 5: Overview of Incompressible SPH capabilities in LS-DYN

    • Fluid flow analysis involving significant structure motions can be difficult to handle for traditional CFD methods that require a conforming fluid mesh. While finite-volume or finite-element-based methods are still the go-to approaches for high-fidelity simulations, the associated computational cost is a deterrent for early design analysis. Fast turn-around times are the most desirable and tolerate lower accuracy. Particle-based methods are an attractive solution in that workspace. These methods are applied to problems such as automotive water wading analysis, drainage evaluation, and oil flow analysis in complex gearbox designs.
    • In this presentation, we will give an overview of the current capabilities of the incompressible SPH solver in LS-DYNA. We'll showcase use case examples and a detailed list of available features and their applications. Finally, we will examine a preview of current development work.
    • Presenter: Jason Wang
  • Session 6: New features for Implicit Analysis and Material Models

    • See an update about the latest developments in linear and nonlinear implicit solution schemes and sophisticated material models. Plus, we'll show new keywords, enhancements, and potential accuracy, efficiency, and robust  improvements.
    • Presenter: Thomas Borrvall


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