Engineering What’s Ahead: Santa Secret

Magical Technology Transforms the North Pole

Santa and the elves have been busy preparing to deliver the most epic holiday in history! In Santa’s workshop they have discovered a secret that is taking things to the next level. This new, magical technology is helping make Santa’s big ideas a reality. That secret is… simulation.


Santa is on a Mission

Every year during the holidays, Santa embarks on a mission to bring joy to children around the world. For the past 65 years, NORAD has made it possible for children to follow Santa as he flies around the globe with his trusty reindeer through the magic of Mission Modeling simulation from AGI, an Ansys company. Because of NORAD’s amazing Santa Tracker, every child can rest easy on Christmas Eve knowing that Santa Claus is on his way.

Red Gift with SnowflakesNORAD Santa Tracker

Materials Magic

Everything starts in the workshop where a revolution in toy design is taking place. The elves are using the Materials magic in Ansys Granta products to design toys that are lighter, more durable and work every time. The fact that lighter toys help Santa pack even more presents onto his sleigh for children around the world is a big plus!


25% Lighter

It is easier than ever for the elves to choose the right materials to make lighter bicycle frames, while maximizing strength and sustainability.

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13% Less Design Time

With Ansys Materials Data for Simulation (MDS), the elves have all their material properties at their fingertips in the right format to simulate toy performance directly in the different Ansys solvers!

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75% Less Prototyping

The elves no longer make mistakes when picking materials for their designs leading to pure elf efficiency.

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Going Green

Say Goodbye to Coal!

Santa is reducing his carbon footprint by using wind power instead of coal. Santa is relying more and more on his new wind turbines to keep the workshop running during the busy holiday season. Keeping an eye on turbine performance using Ansys digital twin technology helps Santa make sure the workshop is always running at 110%.

Red and Gold GiftEdge Computing: New Support for Digital Twins

Santa’s New & Improved Sleigh

Recently Santa’s reindeer partnered with the elves to make a series of much needed improvements to Santa’s sleigh. There is not a lot of downtime at the North Pole so they needed to come up with a plan quickly. Using the magic of simulation, they were able to look at hundreds of designs to come up with the perfect design in no time at all. Here is what they came up with…


Less Weight = More Toys

With the ever-increasing number of presents being loaded onto the sleigh, the reindeer wanted to reduce the weight of the sleigh to make take offs and landings easier. Using the magic of topology optimization in Ansys Discovery, Santa dramatically re-engineered the sleigh’s rails and frame to deliver impressive weight and performance improvements.

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North Pole Air Taxi

Santa’s workshop at the North Pole has expanded significantly to meet the growing global demand for toys. To be able to get around quickly, Santa has developed an Autonomous North Pole Air Taxi to make sure he can be in the right place at the right time. Santa used the magic of Ansys Autonomy solutions to ensure that his air taxi is safe and reliable, even in the worst winter weather.

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Take a virtual ride with Santa
courtesy of Ansys VRXperience!

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The True Power of What's Ahead

Simulation: the gift that keeps on giving

It's lovely weather for a sleigh ride together.