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ANSYS Real Time Configurator Allows Yachting Industry to Navigate Design with Simulated Prototypes

Combine ANSYS Virtual Reality (VR) configurator with the luxury of an Aston Martin powerboat and you have a yacht that James Bond would have looked good in. That’s the experience that Quintessence Yachts, an Aston Martin official licensee, is aiming for with the Quintessence AM37 boat configurator. The experience is based on ANSYS VR simulation technology — which is poised to revolutionize the design, feel and appearance of powerboats.

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Instead of creating a CAD design and then making a series of physical models of a new yacht to explore the possibilities of materials and color, ANSYS virtual reality simulation makes it possible for designers, engineers and customers to view virtual models of the yacht in 3D from any angle. Working together, the designer and customer can customize the yacht’s design materials, determining how they interact with different high-quality paint colors in the Aston Martin palette under various lighting conditions, to achieve the customer’s dream yacht.

The dream yacht could be the AM37, a ‘gran turismo’ leisure powerboat with a maximum speed of around 44 knots and premium-class quality and refinement, or the AM37 S with twin 520 hp Mercury gasoline engines for a maximum speed of up to 50 knots (to catch the bad guys faster).

Using the Quintessence AM37 boat configurator, powerboat engineers can create and modify their products using a touch-screen to change the colors or ergonomics of the design, then view it in real-time 3D on the Quintessence website, a mobile phone or a VR headset. Viewing the details of the yacht from any angle is like exploring it in a showroom, only better. The customer can remotely climb into the cockpit, tour the cabin, walk on polished wood deck, and watch the sun gleaming off the chrome fixtures.

ANSYS virtual reality simulation

ANSYS VR simulation not only accelerates the design process to save time and money, but it ensures that the design will be optimized for aesthetics, ergonomics and performance. This kind of optimization is hard to achieve using traditional physical prototyping methods.

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