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What’s Happening with ANSYS Discovery Live

It has been nearly two months since we unveiled ANSYS Discovery Live to the public and made it freely available for download. Discovery Live is the first ever real-time engineering simulation software available to all engineers. Since that time, many things have happened that has made this launch a tremendous success. I’d like to share some of those with you today, and make you aware of some exciting opportunities.

Behind ANSYS developing Discovery Live was the firm belief in the power of simulation and its benefits for everyone. The ability to accurately predict a product’s performance as part of the validation stage, or make adjustments to models to simulate products already in the field are examples of pervasive engineering simulation. But what Discovery Live has done is further advance the reach of simulation to the upfront design exploration stage. ANSYS has had a passion for helping engineers in this space for some time, and Discovery Live represents a true milestone for making this happen even more than it already has.

Discovery Live technology preview users post questions, answers, helpful images, and insightful findings on the user forum.

With the technology preview of Discovery Live, many users have shared their feedback feedback and experiences further validating our mission. Engineers are now seeing that upfront simulation has broken through three barriers thanks to Discovery Live: it is low cost, easy, and fast. And where those three characteristics are found, we believe technology will not only be widely accepted, it will change the way product design and development are done.

Read what a few users have recently said about Discovery Live:

"I was surprised at how well the results of Discovery Live matched up with the ones from ANSYS Fluent. We have seen significant time savings because of using Discovery Live"

Andrew Hobbs, Chief CFD/DEM Engineer, Astec, Inc.
Astec was able to test design configurations and try new concepts, all in a fraction of the time it took in traditional CFD tools.
"My first impression of Discovery Live was that it seemed too good to be true. But it did just what ANSYS said it would do. Previous simulations took a few hours to a day. In Discovery Live it took only a few minutes with our Quadro GP100"

William Villers, CTO of TEN TECH LLC
Ten Tech used Discovery Live to quickly validate a 3-D printing design decision.

This represents only a fraction of the tens of thousands of users that have downloaded Discovery Live, tried it for themselves, and experienced the power of interactive, live simulation at their fingertips.

One characteristic making Discovery Live valuable is its tight integration with geometry modeling. A user can not only construct a model from the ground up, or import their own model with full editing capabilities, they can enter an iterative design/simulation process, where literally hundreds of simulations can be run in minutes. This is true upfront design simulation!

As fast as you can edit 3D models, Discovery Live will provide the engineering insight to their performance. If you’ve tried Discovery Live, you’ve undoubtedly seen the power modeling and simulation working together. What you may not be aware of is the extent of 3-D modeling capabilities built into Discovery Live, through the SpaceClaim modeling engine, and how they can help you harness the true power of this design and simulation experience.

To help get you more familiar with the geometry capabilities in Discovery Live, we’re hosting webinars. During these sessions we will expose you to common modeling tools that will further accelerate your creation and editing capabilities. You will walk away more confident in your ability to concurrently perform concept modeling and true upfront simulation.

And finally, as we continue to share our excitement for this product and want to spread awareness, we thought there’s no better way to do this than to host a design contest. Starting in the near future, we’re opening up a design contest to anyone that wants to participate!

This will be your chance to show off your experience with Discovery Live and display just how useful it has been for you. We will be awarding the winners with high end NVIDIA graphics cards!

If you’ve had any unexpected results, accidental discoveries, or simulations results that have been particularly useful, then we encourage you to submit an entry to this competition!

Be on the lookout for another announcement from us, and sign up for one of the webinars today.