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Tackling Unprecedented Business Change — Dimensions Magazine

In the engineering community we are keenly aware of some truly disruptive forces acting on the industries in which we work. Autonomous vehicles, for example, are continuously in the news. Environmental concerns are pushing efficiency to new limits and driving a shift to more electric systems. Competition is relentless, fueled by new market players from burgeoning economies and traditionally disparate industries. Additive manufacturing is revolutionizing the way products are designed and fabricated, and digitalization, once a buzz word, is becoming real. All businesses need to adapt to disruption.

Dimensions - Digital Aage

As engineers we often must focus on the hard metrics being pursued to deliver functional requirements – cost, efficiency, power, weight, etc. – and achieve these within contradictory constraints. This requires a very difficult balancing act necessitating trade-offs that some seem to make better than others. How can this be done?

Dimensions talks electrification

In our new edition of Dimensions magazine, we share examples of successful companies addressing the business challenges inherent with change. Industry and engineering leaders like Grundfos and TECO-Westinghouse provide insight into how they address electric machine efficiency and innovation, while the University of Nottingham provides a view into the future of environmentally friendly flight with a more electric aircraft. Ever increasing competition dictates an even faster cycle from ideation to product delivery. The director of the High-Performance Computing Center Stuttgart (HLRS) explains how companies can tackle a wider design space of complex engineering problems and solve these problems more quickly via the strategic use of high-performance computing (HPC) resources. ANSYS Vice President Mark Hindsbo reveals that organizations must use simulation every day, on every product, across the entire product lifecycle, to study and improve every aspect of performance and further accelerate new product insertion. And we share how these same techniques can be used to accelerate development even in highly regulated industries such as healthcare.

Enjoy reading the latest issue of Dimensions magazine and let us know what changes you are facing.