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Chip Designers Show You How to Streamline Workflows and Reduce Costs at IDEAS Digital Forum

Registration is now open for the new Ansys IDEAS Digital Forum. IDEAS, hosted by Ansys' semiconductor business unit, is a virtual gathering of top industry executives, thought leaders and designers from some of the biggest IP, chip design, semiconductor foundry and electronic system companies in the world. You can log in to IDEAS to hear industry leaders and experts discuss the semiconductor industry, then ask them questions live.

Ansys IDEAS Digital Forum 2020

Design automation and multiphysics simulation tools provide options to reduce your risk profile and influence the bottom line by reducing costs, improving quality and speeding time to market. IDEAS is an opportunity for you to stay on top of what is going on in the electronic design market.

IDEAS keynote presentations from senior industry executives include:

  • Len Orlando III, Air Force Research Laboratory Sensors Directorate, Wright Patterson AFB
  • Prith Banerjee, CTO, Ansys
  • Rob Aitken, R&D Fellow, ARM
  • Vicki Mitchell and Rob Harrison, VP of Engineering and Senior Director, respectively, at ARM
  • Dhiraj Mallick, VP of Engineering at Cerebras Systems
  • Eric Ladizinsky, Co-Founder and Senior Scientist at D-Wave Systems
  • Mallik Tatipamula, CTO of Ericsson SV
  • Subhasish Mitra, Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Stanford University
  • Suk Lee, Senior Director of Design Infrastructure Marketing at TSMC

These keynote presenters will share their insights on technology and business trends from multiple perspectives. They will be taking questions from audience members attending IDEAS.

Multiphysics Simulation Accelerates Chip Design

The theme of IDEAS Digital Forum focuses on how multiphysics simulation is accelerating the twin industry trends of Moore and Beyond Moore.

Moore’s Law is racing toward ever-smaller silicon process geometries, with 3nm now on the horizon. This enables huge integrated circuits (ICs) to be designed for artificial intelligence/machine language (AI/ML) applications, high-performance computing (HPC) and 5G. But the expense of designing at the leading edge is also rising and a second evolutionary path has emerged called Beyond Moore, or More Than Moore, that pushes a parallel evolutionary track based on a multi-die approach to system integration with technologies like 3DIC, wafer-scale integration and a disaggregation of systems on chip (SoCs) into discrete “chiplets” for applications ranging from intelligent sensors, autonomous and edge-node compute. 

It is a fascinating time to be in semiconductors with these complex market and technology forces creating many opportunities and tradeoffs, based on your application. The second day of IDEAS starts off with a roundtable panel discussion on the topic of “Shifting Left with Moore and Beyond Moore.” Join early to listen to our panel of distinguished industry executives including:

  • Yair Armoza, Director, Physical Design, Annapurna Labs, an Amazon Company
  • John Lee, VP and GM, Ansys' semiconductor business unit
  • Rob Aitken, R&D Fellow, ARM
  • Harry Chen, Scientist, IC Testing, MediaTek
  • Anton Rozen, Director, VLSI Backend, Mellanox Technologies (NVIDIA)

The afternoons of both days at IDEAS feature technical breakout sessions with over 30 speakers from companies including:

  • Intel
  • Qualcomm
  • Broadcom
  • MediaTek
  • ST Microelectronics
  • Samsung
  • Alphawave
  • Synaptics
  • Google
  • HP Enterprise
  • Xilinx

The  technical breakout sessions will focus on practical design experiences for applications in the areas of 3DIC electrothermal analysis, electromagnetic coupling, the timing impact of voltage drop, register-transfer level (RTL) power analysis and power integrity signoff. Here too, virtual attendees logged in to IDEAS will be able to submit questions to the presenters in real time and get immediate answers.

For a broader perspective, the multiphysics solutions track will feature experts on industry-wide technology challenges including 5G communications, autonomous vehicles, designing in the cloud and design for reliability (DfR). They will highlight how electronic design is affected by these larger industry drivers and the particular challenges they pose.

Please join us and your industry colleagues in exploring the latest in electronic design by registering for IDEAS and see what's ahead.

Ansys IDEAS Digital Forum 2020