ESSS (Elite Channel Partner)

ESSS has gained an international reputation by offering a complete range of numerical simulation solutions to the market, accompanied by premier customer support and related engineering services, which allow customers to fully harness the ANSYS multiphysics portfolio while simultaneously exposing simulation to all levels of the engineering organization. ESSS has expanded its operations beyond Brazil by establishing subsidiary offices in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru and Spain. The ESSS customer base consists of more than 500 companies from a wide spectrum of industries, including oil and gas, aerospace, automotive and energy.

Certified to sell and support ANSYS mechanical, fluids, multiphysics, low and high frequency electronics software.

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South America


Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Portugal and Spain.

ANSYS Certified Elite Channel Partner


Marcus Reis
Rua Orlando Phillipi,
nº100 Edifício Techplan,
1º andar - Saco Grande
88032-700 - Florianópolis - SC - Brasil
+55 (48) 3953-0000
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