Joins us for an ANSYS Webinar

Efficiently Reverse Engineer CAD Models

July 14, 2020

11:30 AM IST




Ansys Discovery helps you innovate early in your product design lifecycle and provides substantial boosts to productivity, creativity and quality in your organization. With Discovery, you won’t need to have a process in place to use specialty tools for reverse engineering, which saves considerable development time and cost. You also won’t need to spend a majority of your time relearning specialty reverse engineering software whenever you want to use it. Additionally, Discovery enables you to work with both STL files and solids to recreate models more efficiently. You’ll also increase workflow productivity by quickly preparing recreated parts for simulation, machining, and 3D printing.

In this webinar, we'll explore how Ansys Discovery breaks down barriers to reverse engineering and redefines ease of use in the process. Whether you need to create a clean CAD model for your assembly, your CAE simulation or your manufacturing application, you'll learn how Ansys Discovery is unmatched in power and flexibility.

  • Learn how to perform automatic surface creation along facets of any mesh body.
  • Discover how to create and modify highly organic surfaces.
  • Understand how to sketch curves along the facets of an STL file.
  • Learn how to easily create fixtures around faceted data.
  • Discover how to execute rapid blending of period loops to recreate complex geometry.

CAD Model

Reverse engineer CAD models.

Speaker Bio

picture of speaker vivek patil

Vivek Patil serves as a lead application engineer for Ansys and has been with the company for 13 years. He holds a master’s degree in thermal and fluids engineering. Vivek supports all major customers across India to deliver designer simulation tools for design exploration and optimization and best practices for preprocessing. He also works closely with global technical and product development teams to share global practices and customize Ansys products to meet client requirements.

Who should attend

CAE engineers and managers, Design engineers and managers

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