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FEM Modeling of Eigenstrain in Heterogeneous Media

May 26, 2020

10:30 AM (IST)




The concept of eigenstrain is a link between solid mechanics and other physical phenomena which cause a change of shape or dimension in a material. These include plasticity, creep, vacancy-assisted deformation, twinning, thermal expansion, dimensional changes due to phase transformation and curing, etc. Although these physical phenomena can lead to deformation, it is only the elastic strain that can cause stress.

In this webinar, we will discuss the applications of finite element analysis to study eigenstrain problems of thermal distortion and residual stresses during heat treatment, welding, polymer curing and additive manufacturing. What makes these problems challenging is the fact that many of these problems are multiphysics in nature, with each physics having different spatial and temporal scales. Since solid mechanics is agnostic to the origin of eigenstrain, it is possible to account for the cumulative effort of all the multiphysics causing eigenstrain into any one phenomenon that causes eigenstrain. Recent advances in using machine learning to model the cumulative effects of all the multiphysics, without requiring knowledge of the physics of each phenomenon, will also be discussed.

This webinar will give you a basic understanding of the equations of micromechanics in the presence of eigenstrains and their application.

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Speaker Bio

asim-tewari speaker

Dr. Asim Tewari

Dr. Asim Tewari is G.K. Devarajulu Chair Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai. Prior to this, he was a staff researcher at General Motors’ Global R&D center in Bengaluru. He graduated with a bachelor’s in technology degree from IIT Kanpur, followed by M.S, and Ph.D. degrees from Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, USA. After his doctorate, he was briefly with the National Aerospace Laboratories, Bengaluru. Subsequently, he joined IIT Kanpur, where he served as an assistant professor before joining General Motors Global R&D center in Bengaluru.

At IIT Bombay, he has been instrumental in setting up the National Center for Aerospace Innovation and Research and Center for Technical Textiles. He has also been co-investigator at the Biomedical Engineering and Technology (Incubation) Centre and Center for Excellence in Steel technology. He has also established a Cyber-Physical Systems and Data analytics research group called the Machine Intelligence Program. He has over 100 international journal and conference publications and 10 international patents. He is on the editorial board of several international journals, including Metallurgical and Materials Transactions and Image Analysis & Stereology. He is an advisory committee member for various national and international research boards and has won several awards and recognition for his research and teaching.

Who should attend?

Students, Faculty Members, Academic researchers, A & D customers.

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